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Invest in the most valuable asset you have. YOURSELF!

Choose the Semi-Annual Unlimited membership and your first month is only $59!!!

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Yearly Archives: 2012

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Workout to benefit St. Jude Children’s Cancer Research Center

Join us Saturday, January 12th in a “football” style workout that will raise funds for St. Jude Children’s Cancer Research Hospital.

Time: 9:00 – 10:00 am

Location: Front Range Boot Camp. 10600 West 50th Ave., Unit 14, Wheat Ridge, CO 80033

Who can participate: Anyone! Ages 7 to 107! All fitness abilities! Invite your friends and family members!

Details:  We will be doing a “football style” workout where teams have to complete a certain number of exercises to score touchdowns, extra points and field goals. The exercises are basic bodyweight ones like pushups, situps, squats etc., and can be done by people of all ages and fitness abilities.

About: St. Jude has developed protocols that have helped push overall survival rates for childhood cancers from less than 20 percent in 1962 to 80 percent today. The money you raise for this workout helps make it possible for St. Jude to treat the world’s sickest children battling cancer and other deadly diseases for free – no family ever pays St. Jude for anything. This is why every dollar you raise is so important to each family and each child. Come and participate in a great workout for an even greater cause.

Link to the Front Range Boot Camp fundraising page:

Check out a recent article in “The Hub” paper about the workout!

Nutrition Challenge Results!

Congratulations to Lisa Trainor-Montano for winning first place and to Liz Mosser for taking second place in the “Last Chance Before the Holidays” 27 day Body Transformation Challenge!

Lisa lost 6#, 3% body fat, 4″ and gained 3#of lean muscle mass!

Liz lost 6#, 4% body fat, 5.25″ and gained 1# of lean muscle!

Results of other finalists in alphabetical order:

Amber: 7#, 4% body fat, 4.5″ and 3# lean muscle!

Chris: 4.6#, 5% body fat, 4.5″ and 4# lean muscle!

Debbie: 3.8#, 2% body fat, 3.5″ and 4# lean muscle!

Kim C: 4.6#, 1% body fat, 3″!

Kim L: 5.4#, 4% bodyfat, 5″ and 3# lean muscle!

Melinda: 9#, 5% bodyfat, 5″ and 3 # lean muscle!

10 Steps to Becoming an Elite Athlete

This post was excerpted from an article written by Jon Gilson, the founder of Again Faster Equipment and lists 10 steps to take in order to ensure that you make the most out of your workouts and your life. It uses Crossfit as it’s focus, but it also applies to your boot camp workouts (since you guys do those workouts on a regular basis).
“To the beginning Crossfitter, the sheer size of the curriculum can be daunting. You’ll learn Olympic lifts, gymnastics, sprinting, kettlebell swings, medicine ball work, basic nutrition, and a hundred other things. Crossfit has combined these modalities and a good dose of creativity to develop an inclusive model of fitness programming. 

In an effort to make Crossfit a little easier to deal with, here are the things you need to know to become an elite athlete. Everything else will come with time.
1.) Virtuosity: Do every rep correctly, every time. Virtuosity is the pursuit of perfection. Become a stickler for form, and you will reap the benefits of Crossfit extremely quickly.
2.) Consistency: Get out of bed. Go to the gym. Get in the habit of showing up.
3.) Intensity: Strive to minimize the amount of time you spend resting in the middle of each workout. The less you rest, the stronger you’ll become. Your workout times will plummet, and your health will skyrocket. Go hard!

4.) Nutrition: Eat enough calories to support vigorous exercise. Not eating is not a solution. Avoid alcohol, starch, and sugar like the plague. Eat lean meats, vegetables, low-GI fruits, and good fats. Fat is necessary for athletic performance–get it from almonds, avocados, olive oil, and fish oil. The best way to maintain a good diet? Clear all the crap out of your cupboards, and never ever buy it again.
5.) Sleep: Sleep is essential to your athletic development. When you sleep, you heal. Progress is a constant give and take between breaking down and building up–exercise breaks you down and sleep builds you up. Give your body the fuel it needs to heal–lean protein and fat immediately before bed will keep you in a good physiological state to burn fat and build muscle all night long. Sleep at least 8 hours every night. Make it a priority.
6.) Rest: Don’t exercise every day. You’ll burn out. Schedule rest days after every two or three days of heavy training. You can speed up healing with ice, compression, mobility work, and good supplementation.
7.) Instruction: Spend money on quality trainers, reading materials, seminars, and certifications. A few hundred bucks here and there will accelerate your gains much faster than advice from the counter guy at Gold’s.
8.) Comfort: Stray from the known path. Approach new skills as an opportunity to learn, not an opportunity to fail. The best athletes in the world spend all day working on their weaknesses, not reinforcing their strengths.
9.) Goals: Write everything down. Set goals and work to meet them every day. Look back over your progress, and change what needs to be changed.
10.) Stress: Your body doesn’t distinguish between training stress and life stress. Minimize life stress to maximize your progress.
None of this is earth-shattering. Incorporate these tenets in your training, one by one.”

New Year coming up! Let’s get on it!

Time Your Meals for Better Results

What you eat before and after you train can significantly impact your results, and timing makes all the difference. According to an Australian study published in the Journal of the American College of Sports Medicine, athletes (and you are athletes!), who ate directly before an after workouts saw bigger gains in strength and lean body mass than those who ate the same meals for breakfast and dinner instead of pairing them with their training. Here are your best bets for maximum results:

When: 2 to 3 hours before your afternoon workout, or one hour before your early morning workout.
What: Fast- digesting protein, slow-digesting carbs
Why: Protein that breaks down slowly can pull blood to the stomach to help digestion, making less available to your muscles. It can also upset your stomach. Carbs are your fuel, and carbs that will raise your blood sugars slowly will keep your energy at its peak during your workout.

Fast -digesting proteins: whey protein, chicken, turkey, tuna, egg whites
Slow digesting carbs: whole grains, oatmeal, nuts

When: within 30 minutes of completing training
What: Fast and slow digesting protein, fast digesting carbs
Why: Your body needs protein and amino acids for your muscles to recover and grow. You need a shot of energy to replenish what you burned during your workout.

Slow digesting protein: whole eggs, milk, whey protein (yes, again), almond/peanut butter
Fast digesting carbs: sweet potato, pineapple, cantaloupe, banana

Pre-workout snacks: Oatmeal sprinkled with 1 scoop whey protein powder & 1/2t. cinnamon. 1 hard-boiled egg, 1/2 orange sprinkled w/ peanuts, whole wheat toast w/ 1 t. almond butter
Post-workout snacks: chocolate milk, 1 scoop whey protein powder w/ coconut milk and 1/2 banana. 2 egg whites scrambled w/ steamed veggies.

Body Transformation Challenge – First 2 weeks

We are finishing week 2 of the Challenge and many of you are experiencing the same successes and challenges in sticking with both the Zone and the Paleo nutrition plans.  Here are some tips on how to turn your challenges into successes:

Social Events:

  • When a friend or loved one has made their favorite treat and expects you to indulge, give yourself permission to say “Not right now.” This statement gives you a way out, even if it’s for a short time. Or have the courage to tell them that you are participating in a 27 day nutrition challenge and you are excited to see what kind of results are possible for you if you stick with it.
  • Eat before you go and when you get home.
  • Remind yourself that it’s only 27 DAYS.You will be proud of yourself that you resisted the temptation. Each time you resist temptation it gives you power when the situation arises again.
  • Tell yourself “I don’t eat that!” rather than “I can’t have that.”
  • Alcohol: try a “Mediterranean Fizz”: club soda/lime wedge/olives or a “Norcal Margarita”: tequila/club soda/fresh lime (complements of Robb Wolff).
  • Remind yourself that you are making a choice for yourself because you love yourself.


  • Plan what you want to eat that weekend, just like you do for the week days.
  • If you are out of food, GO TO THE GROCERY STORE FIRST THING Saturday morning if possible, or Friday night. Get that part out of the way.
  • If cooking meals is not going to happen and you are going to be out on baseball/soccer fields all day with the kids; pack a cooler full of finger foods: fruit/almond butter/chicken salad/granola bars/carrot cake muffins/cooked sausages cut into quarter size pieces/hard boiled eggs/beef jerky/tuna in olive oil.
  • Block out a chunk of time on Sunday to plan for the weekday. Plan, shop, chop and cook.



Info about “The Zone” diet

I am so excited to be a part of the transformation that has begun for the 34 women who are participating in the 27 day Body Transformation Challenge!  The majority of you have chosen to do “The Zone” nutrition plan. The Zone plan is based around the powerful, drug-like effects food has on your body. All foods affect your body’s release of the hormone insulin, which has a huge effect on your health and well-being, not to mention how much fat you have around your belly, thighs and arms. The Zone is focused on stabilizing hormone levels, eliminating large shifts in insulin production, and allowing the body to return to a natural hormonal state where it can begin to heal and function normally.

The Zone diet website is the place to go to find all the information you need to succeed. I spent alot of time last night on the Forum, where you can post your questions and find the answer to any questions you might have. The folks answering your questions are all following the Zone, so you have first hand knowledge!

Many of you have asked me how to figure out the individual blocks when making a large quantity of a particular food. I asked this question on the Forum and this wonderful woman named Sue answered my question:

“Determine the number of blocks of P, C and F blocks you put in the entire recipe and divide by three to determine how many 3-block meals it makes.  If you make a recipe containing 12 P, 12, C and 12 F in the entire recipe, this will yield four 3-block meals of 3P, 2C and 3F each.  If you have a recipe containing 12 P, 8 P and 12 F, you have four 3-block meals of 3P, 2C, 3F each.  Add a bowl of berries for balance to this scenario and you’ll have 4 Zone balanced 3-block meals”.  Thanks Sue!

“Just In Time For the Holidays” 27 Day Body Transformation Challenge begins October 8th!

The Challenge starts Monday, October 8th and ends at the end of the day Saturday, November 3rd, 2012.

A nutrition seminar will be held Sunday, October 7th at 9:00 am at the gym. Weigh-ins will be held from 8:00 -8:45 am for women who have attended previous nutrition seminars and just need to weigh-in. Weigh-ins for women who want to attend the seminar will begin at 10:00 am. The final weigh-ins will be held Sunday, November 4th at 9:00 am.

If you are new to boot camp and want to join us, the investment is just $99 for 27 days of unlimited workouts and the cost to enter the Challenge is $30. The $30 will be put in the kitty. The 1st place winner will receive 70% of the cash, 50% off the cost of their next month’s boot camp and a whole new you! The 2nd place winner will receive 30% of the cash, 25% off their next month’s investment and a whole new you!

To reserve your space, register before Saturday, October 6th! Fill out the registration form, your information will be emailed to robyn@frontrangebootcamp.com and your card will be charged $99 for 27 days of unlimited workouts! Please bring $30 for the kitty with you to the nutrition seminar.

The winners of the last Challenge had these results! You can too!

Amy lost 14.4#, 8% bodyfat and 10″.

Charlotte lost 16.4#, 6% bodyfat and 8.8″.

Lisa lost 9.8#, 5% bodyfat, 6.75″

Vanessa lost 14.8#, 7% bodyfat, 9.25″


The Importance of Sleep and Body Fat Loss

Ahhhh Yes. Sleep. That elusive thing that most of us never get enough of. But, adequate sleep is CRITICAL in so many ways. Robb Wolff, in his book “30 DayTotal Transformation, (which I have at the gym and you can borrow) talks about sleep and how not getting enough of it can hamper body fat loss and more.
Listen to Robb Wolff talking about why stress and lack of sleep makes you
fat, wrinkly and diabetic, and what you can do about it.

Want to find out how you fare as far as cortisol, stress, and health are
concerned? Take this short quiz.
• Do you sleep less than 9 hours per night?
• Do you have problems falling asleep or staying asleep?
• Do you wake up more exhausted than when you went to bed?
• Do you get a second wind in the evening, and really only feel awake
about the time you should go to bed?
• Are you tired and achy all the time?
• Do you suffer frequent upper-respiratory infections?
• Do you work out to exhaustion, and do you crave the “boost” exercise
• Do you live and die by stimulants such as coffee?
• Have you gained fat in your midsection, despite watching your food
• Have you experienced memory problems?
• Do you have problems with depression or seasonal affective disorder?

If you answered YES on more questions than not, you probably have
elevated cortisol levels. You’re under systemic stress. Elevated cortisol levels affect every system you can imagine, including bodyfat levels.  If you want to lose weight, you need to get your sleep in order and get your stress levels managed. Otherwise, you can eat perfectly and exercise intelligently and lack of sleep and too much stress will totally undermine your fat loss.

Is sleep really that important?

Most people realize that they feel like crap when they miss sleep. Other people are so constantly sleep deprived that they don’t know what “good” feels like. Wherever you fall on that spectrum, you need to start paying more attention to your sleep. Why? Think about this: Just one night of missed or inadequate sleep is enough to make you as insulin resistant as a Type 2 diabetic.

Maybe you’re one of those tough guys who think sleep is a crutch, you can push through with another cup of coffee and your amazing brain power. Think about this: The Centers for Disease Control recently announced that shift work (lack of sleep) is a known carcinogen.  When you neglect sleep or have poor sleep quality, it registers as a significant stressor to your body. It makes you immune compromised, chubby,forgetful, and crazy.Yes? Stay tuned.

Next blog, things you can do to make sure you can get enough sleep. (Don’t start with me on the many reasons why there is NO WAY you can get enough sleep, not with the crazy life you lead…)

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