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Invest in the most valuable asset you have. YOURSELF!

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6439 Miller St., Arvada, CO 80004


Invest in the most valuable asset you have. YOURSELF!

Choose the Semi-Annual Unlimited membership and your first month is only $59!!!

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About Your Coaches



Our Expertise: your coaches have a combined thirty five years of coaching experience.

    • Robyn has been a certified personal trainer/group fitness coach for nine years.
    • Stephanie has been a certified personal trainer/individual and group fitness coach for sixteen years.
    • Tina has been a martial arts/kickboxing coach for 10 years and has a triple black belt.

Our Mission: to provide a fitness community exclusively for women that supports aging vibrantly, regardless of age, size or fitness ability.

As a result: together we grow physically and mentally stronger, better coordinated, more flexible, balanced, agile, powerful, capable, confident, self-sufficient and ultimately; younger and happier.

How we do that: during each workout, we work all the muscles in our body. At the same time. Just like we do in all the activities of our daily life. Just like our bodies were designed to move. We row, jump rope and run short distances. We drag, throw, climb, push, pull and jump on things. In as many ways as possible. And we change up what we are doing every day. And we laugh. And we get to be silly. And have fun. And share stories. And we push each other. And support and encourage each other. And become really good friends.

Three reasons why I created Front Range Fitness for Women:

Reason #1:

I wanted to provide a fitness facility exclusively for women. Women of all ages, sizes, fitness abilities and walks of life. I cater to busy women just like you who have jobs, and kids, significant others, aging parents, stress, and not enough hours in the day to take care if it all. So I created a place where I take care of you. And you get to take care of you. And the women around you take care of you. A place that will serve as a safe haven in the storm of your life. A place that will change your life.

Reason #2:

We are living longer. And I want us to enjoy every extra day we get. I want to be strong so that I can play! I still want to be able to do all the activities that I love – biking, hiking, running, snowboarding, for as long as can. I want to be riding a chairlift with my grandkids. I want to be self-sufficient. I don’t want to have to call my kids to help me lift things. I want to bend over and tie my shoes and pick something up off of the floor if I drop it. So I designed a fitness program that will guarantee we have the opportunity to do this.

Reason #3:

FRFW is home to a demographic of women who really aren’t adequately served in any other fitness venue. The average age of the women who are part of our community is 35 – 68, and many of us have crabby body parts and injuries that require special attention and modifications on an on-going basis.

You have to exercise carefully in the hands of people who care and who can provide the necessary modifications to keep you safe. I have hired a staff of women who have been trained to do just that. You will be catered to and cared for and never held back due to your “issues”.

me1I am the poster child for my own gym!

I just turned 56. What?! That number doesn’t mean a thing to me. I am too busy playing and being grateful for all the things I get to do because I am strong enough, and flexible enough, and spirited enough, and passionate enough about my life to even stop for a second and ponder how on earth that number got applied to me.

My husband and I recently moved into my Mother’s house to take care of her after the death of my Father. She has had 2 strokes and I am her primary care giver. Um. Yes. That’s a challenge…

I have three grown children and three grandchildren ages 5, 2, and 3 months.

I have degenerative disk disease in my lower back and cervical spine. I have had two back surgeries, surgery to repair my meniscus and arthritis in my wrists and big toe joints. I have had numerous injections in my cervical spine to alleviate the pain. And as a result of all of this I cannot lift very heavy weights. And I am able to do the workouts I design for all of you. There is a lot I cannot do. But so much more that I can do. You can too.

How it all started:

I was a Project Manager for a large commercial architecture firm for 14 years and worked 60+ hours a week. My last project was managing the construction of the San Jose Arena in San Jose, CA. For 4 years I traveled to San Jose M-F; leaving my three small children at home with my husband. That career, although a big deal professionally, left me feeling less a mother and less a wife. To preserve my family, my priorities and my sanity, I chose to leave architecture and create a life for myself where I felt passion and purpose again.

I became a Certified Life Coach; and specialized in leading retreats and outdoor adventures for women. I always had a regular fitness routine which involved going to the gym, skiing, trail running, mt. biking, hiking, back-packing and yoga, so adding a fitness component to my retreats was a necessity. This career path involved fitness, friends AND fun!  What a soul enriching way to change a life and empower other women to do the same for themselves!

My mother in law called me one night nine years ago and shared a newspaper article that she read about a woman who started a fitness business that had all the components of the things I loved; fitness, outdoors, women only. So I called her the next morning, met her for coffee, learned more about the boot camp program that she got certified to teach. Did my own research, enrolled “Orange County Adventure Boot Camp” program, bought a plane ticket to California, got certified to open my own boot camp business and off I went. To serve you.

Front Range Adventure Boot Camp opened nine years ago, in June of 2007; which is an affiliate of the largest and only certified boot camp in the country.  I changed the name to Front Range Fitness for Women in June of 2016 based on the demographic I serve, and the person I have become in the process.