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Invest in the most valuable asset you have. YOURSELF!

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6439 Miller St., Arvada, CO 80004


Invest in the most valuable asset you have. YOURSELF!

Choose the Semi-Annual Unlimited membership and your first month is only $59!!!

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Our Program is Dedicated to You:

  1. IMG_0012 (2)You will become an integral member of a fitness family that is exclusively for women! We welcome women of all ages, sizes, and fitness abilities. We are women who take our lives, our health and our fitness seriously. We want to feel great, have more energy, have the strength it takes to do anything our heart desires, hang with our kids, be self-sufficient;  and live a life where our age is just a number. We cater to busy women just like you who have jobs, kids, grandkids, aging parents, stress, and not enough hours in the day to take care if it all. So we created a place where we take care of you. And you get to take care of you. And the women around you take care of you. A place that will serve as a safe haven in the storm of your life.  We laugh together. And we get to be silly. And have fun. And share stories. And push each other. And support and encourage each other. And need each other. And become really good friends.

“These are real women – moms, 9 to 5ers, business owners, athletes, couch potatoes, younger, older – all working together to achieve a personal goal. We do the same workouts, but at our own abilities, and at our own pace; with the best coach in the world “gently” reminding us that we can do more, move faster, lift heavier, be stronger. I’ve have never walked into the same workout twice, so the variety holds my interest and my muscles work harder and better from the “what’s this!” aspect. If I had to describe in one sentence to my friends: “There is a stronger person inside of me, and FRFW brings her out”. Amber

 IMG_1064 (2)2. You will engage in workouts that continually surprise you. During each workout, you will use all the muscles in your body. At the same time. Just like you do in all the activities of your daily life. Just like your bodies were designed to move. We row, jump rope and run short distances. We drag, throw, climb, push, pull and jump on things. You will use dumbbells, kettle bells, barbells, bosu balls, TRX, battling ropes, resistance bands, kickboxing bags, slosh pipes, medicine balls, sandbags, tires, logs, and pull-up bars.  In as many ways as possible. While learning to do it the best way possible. And we change up what we are doing every day. You will not do the same workout in any month, but they will be randomly repeated so that you can track your progress. The format for each workout includes:

  • mobility stretches at the beginning of class to increase your range of motion and flexibility
  • dynamic body movements to get your mind and your muscles primed to move
  • practicing the movements that are a part of the workout so you know how to do them safely and with good form
  • yoga at the end of class to increase and enhance your flexibility

“I have joined other gyms, but this, by far, is the most challenging workout and the most motivational environment. I keep coming back because I’m constantly intrigued by the crazy combinations of workouts that I get to do, and the inspiring, REAL women that have committed themselves to being better. In just 5 weeks, I feel stronger than I’ve felt in 10 years, and I’m only getting better. I am getting back in touch with my inner tomboy. She was a force to be reckoned with, and I missed her. FRFW is, in one sentence, “The perfect combination of butt kicking, endorphins, and estrogen accompanied by a soundtrack of great laughter and true friendship.” Bethany

IMG_1716 (2)3. You will experience transformation in the most unexpected, and life enriching, ways:  you will grow physically, mentally and soul-fully stronger; more coordinated, flexible, balanced, agile, powerful, capable, confident, self-sufficient, accomplished and ultimately; younger, happier and more alive. You will lose weight, body fat and inches and be proud of what you see in the mirror!

“FRFW has made a positive impact on my life in many ways. I am seeing muscles in places I never thought I could have muscles; I am physically stronger and happier than I have ever been in my life”. Gerri

IMG_1763 (2)4. You receive personal coaching in a small group setting. Our coaches are women just like you. We care for spouses, kids, grandkids and aging parents. We are emergency room nurses, CNA’s, Life Coaches, Insurance Representatives, Moms, Grandmas, Wives and Sisters.  And we are lucky enough to care for you. We care for you by offering up unconditional support, encouragement, guidance and accountability. The class sizes are kept small because our focus is on teaching you the proper form for each exercise so that you stay injury free and can get stronger faster because you are moving correctly. We get to know you on a personal level; as your coaches and also as your friends.

“I love Front Range Fitness for Women. It is absolutely the most challenging, inspiring and friendly place I have had the pleasure to sweat in, alongside a wonderful family of women. Throughout my 65 years, I have attended just about every type of gym or program out there. What stands out here is that Robyn and her team take the time to show each of us exactly how to execute each movement. Its the most attention I have ever received in a group setting. In the past I have felt intimidated by my age, but not here”. Cathy

IMG_1952 (2)5. Modifications to any exercise are available and are tailored specifically for you. We cater to a demographic of women who aren’t adequately served in any other fitness venue. The average age of the women who are part of our community is 35 – 68, and many of us have crabby body parts and injuries that require special attention and modifications on an on-going basis. You will do your workouts in the hands of women who care and who have been trained to provide the necessary modifications to keep you safe. You will be catered to and cared for and will never be left out or left behind for any reason.

“Robyn made a custom program for me because of my knee and ankle surgeries.  No other class instructor had taken the time or cared enough to do that for me”. Jill

6. You receive free nutritional guidance and support and have the opportunity to participate in regular “Body Transformation” challenges,  nutrition seminars and before and after fitness evaluations. We teach you how to eat and help you with what to eat to lose significant weight, body fat and inches.

“THANK YOU for helping me change my life! I now understand REAL food and REAL nutrition..that is invaluable! I have completely transformed my eating habits and now have adopted life long healthy habits. Also I know the exact formula for losing weight… IT WAS SO SIMPLE ALL ALONG!!! Yet I spent years trying different diets fads where I was able to still eat processed food and sugar?!?  Thanks again Robyn for everything!”Kim

IMG_1191 (2)7. We will schedule a free fitness evaluation during your first week as a member, where we want to learn about YOU. What do you want to achieve by participating in FRFW? What are your specific goals? What support can we provide to empower you to reach them? We’ll also measure your weight, hydration level, body composition, muscle mass, physique rating, metabolic age, bone density, basil metabolic rate, and visceral fat. We will also take measurements around your tricep, waist, hip and upper thigh.  The same measurements will be taken at the end of each month to see how much you have progressed.

“1 – Thanks for making class so challenging. 2 – Thanks for making me want to come back. 3 – Thanks for the smiles and the laughter. 4 – Thanks for the breathing hard and sore muscles. 5 – Thanks for the body and mind changes. 6 – Thanks for the attitude adjustment. 7 – Thanks for the friendship”. Christie


8. You will participate in a free personal training session to learn the proper form for all the new exercises that you will be performing so that you will be confident and prepared to have a great workout each and every time you come! We will also assess your flexibility, mobility, and any physical constraints so that the appropriate modifications can be determined before you start!

073eventIMG_1660 (2)9. You have the opportunity to participate in all kinds of free Events in addition to the daily workouts. Together we hike, go snowshoeing, go paddle boarding, have “movie nights”, poker nights, networking get to-gethers, “bring a friend workouts”, “bring your favorite man” workouts and more. If you dream it up, we will do it!






Try us for a week…FREE!!!

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