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Invest in the most valuable asset you have. YOURSELF!

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6439 Miller St., Arvada, CO 80004


Invest in the most valuable asset you have. YOURSELF!

Choose the Semi-Annual Unlimited membership and your first month is only $59!!!

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Success Stories

In three months Joanne has lost 21.2”, 10% body fat and 12”!

1-7-17joanne-210-6-16joanne-2“I am thankful for the wonderful coaches, and the love and support I receive at FRFW. I have a long way to go, I have been making healthier choices with my diet and I am seeing results. I am in a much better place than I have been for years. I was in a slump, gained so much weight over the years, didn’t do anything for myself, and realized that something had to change.  Everyone is so supportive and in most classes I receive encouragement from not only the coaches but from the amazing women here too.” Joanne



Kristen: lost 18.6#, 9% body fat, 11” and gained 1# of lean muscle in just 30 days!

“I have come a long way since my first Boot Camp class a couple of months ago where I literally fell off a box when doing box jumps for the first time. I am very surprised at being chosen “Athlete of the Month” because I feel like there is still so much I need to learn. That’s one of the reasons I love Front Range Boot Camp so much – it always keeps me guessing and learning new things I have never done before. I am a runner at heart but I love the variety and challenge that Boot Camp provides. I also enjoy working out with a group of women who support, encourage, and work their butts off together. I came to Boot Camp because I knew I was selling myself short. At the end of the day when I’ve given and given to others, Boot Camp is my way of giving to myself. It’s my commitment to be the best I can be – to push myself in every workout, to give it my all, and then to leave and make healthy choices with my nutrition so as not to undermine all my hard work. Thank you for choosing me as “Athlete of the Month”, I am truly honored to be in such fine company”. Kristen

Angie lost 30.4#, 14% body fat, 20″ and gained 10# of lean muscle in only 12 weeks!!!

“12 weeks of intentionality toward myself. To be honest, about half way through the process I was surprised at what was being uncovered about the state of my relationship with food and myself. I was set for losing pounds and inches, prepared to workout really hard, and ready to feel more energy physically and mentally.

The truth was, up to that point, and without really knowing it, food only existed to make me feel better. So, many days if I was too busy, or just too lazy, I would not eat ’til I was starving, which was about dinner time.Then, when I would get around to eating, I would eat way too much because I was famished. And, on top of that, I would eat JUNK food, because it tasted so good going down, and I would feel better. Ironic, isn’t it, how dedicated I was to feeling better through food, yet, ultimately that attachment with foodmade me feel so much worse.

My eyes were not just opened to my relationship with food, but more importantly my relationship to myself. Each meal became “a statement”, TO MYSELF, that I mattered. I, Angie Johnston am important to myself. I honestly feel like I became friends with myself. Food no longer exists to just make me feel better. I eat to care about myself…and what do you know I feel better than ever.”

Courtney: lost 7.6#, 5% body fat, 4” and gained 1# of lean muscle in just 30 days!

“When I started boot camp 2 short months ago I never thought I would achieve this level of fitness so quickly. I just had shoulder surgery 3 months prior to starting and could only lift a 9# kettle bell, use a 5# weight and no deadlifting. It was a struggle at first not only with my physical limitation but with the mental limitations as well. Not being able to perform like I used to and not looking like I used to, was hard. I had only recently moved to Colorado and did not know anyone yet. Boot camp not only helped me to push past my insecurities it gave me a place to call home and meet people who really cared. I adjusted my thinking and focused on what I could do, not what I used to be able to do. The ability to scale each workout to my current physical abilities made me feel successful when I left each class. At boot camp we are not in competition with each other, we are there to support each other and perform at our best, whatever level that may be. Now I can do 44# kettle bell swings, 25# DB push press and 133# deadlift for an entire workout! Thank you to all the people I have met and to Robyn for always being there, I am proud to be the athlete of the month!” Courtney

Twila I has lost 45 lbs since February 2014 and has gone from a size 16-18 to a size 10-12.

“The day I made the decision to join boot camp changed my life! I can remember pacing back and forth from room to room in my house trying to make the ultimate decision and telling myself this is a commitment. Reality had set in and I knew I had to do something about my weight, my stress level and my overall self confidence. After being inspired by a good friend of mine who had just accomplished losing a lot of weight, I found FRBC online and signed up. I knew this was it and I couldn’t come up with any more excuses to get out of this no matter how much I tried. This was the beginning of my new life style. I knew it would be hard, but I was up for a new challenge. The first two weeks were rough on me. I threw up almost every day after a workout, but I knew my body was just trying to get use to this, while my mind was still trying to get me out of this. I knew this would be hard work, but I didn’t know how much of a challenge it would be on me physically, but mentally as well. I have made new friends and with their support at boot camp and my family and friends support at home, I know I can reach my ultimate goal to be in the best shape of my life. I am much healthier, happier and I love the new me! Thanks to everyone at Front Range Boot camp, much love to you all.” Twila

Charlotte lost 28.6#, 12% body fat, 18″ in 12 weeks! “Muscles hurt that I didn’t even know existed… but guess what, within a couple months I started SEEING muscles that I never knew existed. I was definitely getting sculpted and that was a great feeling! Boot camp is a lot cheaper than having a personal trainer every day – but with Robyn, it’s like you have a personal trainer. She is so in tune with everyone’s body issues, always adjusting exercises if you have trouble areas. And she gives everyone personal attention during every workout. She pushes you and inspires you. She doesn’t make you do your best she makes YOU WANT to do your best.

“I finally did it! I finally lost 50 pounds!! Before boot camp I had never done any kind of exercise. I was tired of being out of shape physically and feeling bad about myself mentally.Then my good friend Michelle told me about boot camp! When I went to my first class, I was not physically able to do the exercises and was very discouraged, I couldn’t do a single pushup or even jump rope. Now I look forward to going and always feel so accomplished when I leave. The women there are so encouraging and supportive. A few weeks ago I found myself walking into class and literally saying to myself, “I LOVE BOOT CAMP”!! I just turned 54 and I can’t remember ever feeling as good as I feel right now! Boot Camp has changed my life. It’s a gym that works for everyone. Robyn is not just a coach, she’s a personal trainer, a motivational speaker, a cheerleader, but most of all a friend to everyone who walks through the door. She truly cares about her clients.” Debbie


“It is an amazing feeling when you come from a place that nothing was possible. Then you get to a point where everything is possible.” Shannon

Shannon has lost 50#, her BMI has gone from 46.5 to 35. Her diabetes is no longer an issue and her blood sugar has gone from 6.4 to 5.2 without medication! Her pant size has gone from 24 to 16 and she is off all of her medications! When she joined boot camp her goal was to be able to run. She is now running around the entire building, swinging 26# kettle bells, doing box jumps, deadlifts, pull-ups and more. She is an inspiration to every woman in boot camp and we are in awe of how far she has come and how determined she is to reach her goals.

Lauren has lost 13.4#, 10% body fat, 12.9″ and gained 7# of lean muscle in 12 weeks!

“I joined boot camp almost 2 1/2 years ago and have never looked back. I joined boot camp to try it out and to try to save money from a personal trainer.  I had no idea I was about to embark on a journey that would be life changing.  In the small gym I found a new “team”.  A team of amazing women with camaraderie that I have not seen replicated in any other gym setting.  Every time I come to boot camp I feel empowered to better myself and to better the women around me. I have seen changes in my body that I had never seen before. I have more muscle than I have ever had and I have learned more about my body than I ever could have thought possible.  Robyn has inspired me to better myself and to always be present in the things I am doing.  I can’t imagine going to the gym now and working out alone.  I love my new “team” and wouldn’t change anything about them”.

Christie lost 4#, 5% body fatand gained 4# of lean muscle in 27 days.

“I had a biometric health screening today and found out that since my last one – 3 months ago – I have lost more weight (now 135) and dropped ½ inch on waist (29”). My BMI is 22. Additionally, my cholesterol is down 10 pts (175) – HDL is up 11 pts (91) and LDL is nonexistent as my HDL is so good. My triglycerides are below 45”.

“Honestly, since meeting you and joining boot camp, I am the healthiest I have been since I don’t know when. All you do – workouts, nutrition, and positivity – hit home and I have really changed my life because of it! Thank you for being you and giving back to so many!

I am so much happier, healthier, and stronger. Never did I think I would be in this good of shape so fast. My husband praised me for doing this class and taking time for me. Usually my time is dedicated to my job and the family but not to what I want to do. He loves how I feel better about myself and plus loves the new body I have”.

Betsy lost 5#, 4% body fat and 4″ in 27 days.

“When I started boot camp, I wanted to get stronger. I wanted to get into shape. I had NO idea that boot camp was going to change my entire outlook on what it meant to be “in shape”. I now realize that being “in shape” means taking care of myself physically AND emotionally. You run a phenomenal boot camp that not only focuses on fitness, but on taking care of yourself as well.”


Jill lost 10.4#, 4% body fat and 5″ in 27 days.

“I signed up for the first month of boot camp thinking this will get me off the couch and give me something to do. Boy was I wrong! It did not just get me off the couch, but gave me back my energy and motivation and made me a happier person. I particularly like the variety of activities and the sense of fun that is built into the program. She made a custom program for me because of my knee and ankle surgeries. No other class instructor had taken the time or cared enough to do that for me”.




Leah lost 4#, 4% body fat, 2″ and gained 6# of lean muscle in 27 days!

“I love bootcamp with Robyn, not just any bootcamp. I love the diversity of workouts, the personal attention Robyn gives us all and how hard she pushes us each day. Her gym is all about getting real results. If you will put in the effort – she will change your diet, fitness and energy level. The results happen so quickly when you stick to her prescription. Robyn’s Bootcamp is a bonding, butt- kicking experience. Repeat with humor, sore muscles, and weight loss.”

“I started Boot Camp in May of 2011. I was 55 years old and weighed about 170 lbs and couldn’t even run around the building without stopping. My first mile time was 13:19. By the end of the summer I had lost 11 lbs, 6% body fat and 5.75 inches.Since then I have continued to lose weight and have cut 2 1/2 minutes off my mile time. Last August I participated in my first 5K. Boot Camp has literally changed my life. It has given me a confidence that has spilled over into the rest of my life. I continue to take on things I thought I couldn’t do, like hand stands and box jumps. Robyn encourages me to keep upping my game. I love the camaraderie of working out with all the other women and encouraging each other. You can’t get that working out by yourself.” Janet

Tammy lost 120# before coming to boot camp in May. Since then she has lost another 10#and 3% body fat. “The camaraderie of these amazing women, the support the encouragement, and friendship has changed my life. I love being able to know that every day I can go and spend an hour on myself. To work hard and enjoy doing things I thought I could never do. You will never regret being a part of this amazing experience. Thank you Robyn! I love you!”