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Invest in the most valuable asset you have. YOURSELF!

Choose the Semi-Annual Unlimited membership
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6439 Miller St., Arvada, CO 80004


Invest in the most valuable asset you have. YOURSELF!

Choose the Semi-Annual Unlimited membership and your first month is only $59!!!

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“I joined Front Range Bootcamp about 2 years ago. I expected a place to get a good workout in a setting just for women – I didn’t have huge expectations from joining any gym. It turns out that Front Range has become one of the most important fixtures in my life – not just in my “physical fitness” life but every day. I travel quite extensively and I find that Front Range is my anchor, a place where I find a sense of community for personal growth while participating in something that is bigger than any individual. I find that when I have been away too long or life is getting a bit crazy I can go back to re-balance and re-boot. It is a microcosm of daily living where I can be challenged, tested, supported and supportive, where I can find focus or mindfulness or whatever seems to be out of alignment for living a better life. The coaching provided by Robyn and indeed her whole staff goes beyond providing a rigorous work-out or demonstrating the proper movement techniques. It truly is a center for finding a healthy and right path for living your best life. I am so grateful to be a member of the Front Range community!” – Rebecca

“I have been attending Robyn’s Front Range Fitness for 6 weeks and I have been extremely happy with my choice. You basically have a daily coach for an hour workout who is certified and knowledgeable on all things fitness, strength, eating and generally wellness. It was very difficult at first but after a few weeks it got a bit easier but it is still very challenging and I have seen amazing results in my strength and body fat reduction. Every day is different we are constantly surprising our muscles..The coaches are amazing, supportive, they push you but make it fun and make you want to work very hard! Every workout is focused on strength training and aerobics so it’s an all around body workout every day. It’s worth it – if you are going to work out you may as well push yourself and get results! This is totally different than just going to the gym to workout for an hour. You are busting your hump for an hour and afterwards you feel amazing!” – Eileen

“Woot, Woot!” I say about my FRFW workouts! I go every week and the coaches kick ass!
But I am not alone, strong women abound. All sizes and shapes, from lean to round.
We huff and we puff and sweat up a storm. Laughing like school girls in a freshman dorm
Weight lifting, burpees, wall-ball and such. Jump rope and rowing, now a hundred toe- touch.
And just when I slow; ”Oh you can do more”. Says Robyn, head- trainer. She is hard-core.
My muscles are stronger and getting defined. All while having the best of time!” Barb

“I was looking for a fitness solution when I found a coupon deal on one of the social sites. I wanted to be more accountable and be something more than a drop-in person in an overcrowded community center. I had no idea what to expect. I’m probably like a lot of other people when it comes to getting a reduced price deal. It’s a good deal and you can move on to the next one. For me, Front Range Fitness for Women was a true surprise and has been the end of the road. My search is over. I have found not only the solution I was looking for but a place that I want to go to and make a commitment to fitness. You may take advantage of a coupon price but I guarantee that after your first conversation with Robyn, the owner, you will feel totally different about this place. She is a caretaking coach who wants you to succeed at getting fitter, stronger, and healthier, none of which I was before coming to Front Range.  She truly cares about each person who comes here and tailors classes to all fitness levels. Challenge yourself to come here and give it a full three months. Give it your all. Hopefully , this will be the last stop in your search as it was in mine”.  Theresa

“I just wanted to let you know what an awesome coach you are.  I knew I would be challenged but Oh My Gosh…I don’t think I’ve ever worked so hard for this many days in a row.  I love how you encourage us and make sure we are doing things right.  I’m doing far more than I thought I was capable of, or could possibly imagine this ole out of shape body could do : )” Marcie

“Before I started at Front Range Fitness for Women I did lots of research to find the ‘perfect’ gym. I was tired of aimlessly wandering around at 24hr, tired of taking classes that weren’t challenging, and finding it difficult to motivate on my own. I can happily say I don’t feel any of those things are Front Range. First and foremost, Robyn and her team are genuine people who are amazing at what they do and truly want to see the people they work with excel and feel the best they can! I am challenged every single time I walk through the door and am surrounded by like-minded women of all ages and levels who offer inspiration every step of the way. I am grateful to have found Front Range Fitness for Women!!!!!”Jenna

“I came to FRFW because it looked challenging and fun. FUN? I know, I know – what could be fun about heaving sandbags and pushing tires around? Well, it just is. I had recently retired and felt weak and wimpy. I needed to get stronger and healthier for this new phase of my life. Now, I am. Thanks to Robyn and her staff.  I can do all kinds of stuff that don’t make sense for a 65 year old woman, like deadlifting 123 lbs., planking for 10 min., pull ups, sit ups, pushups for what seems like forever, skipping up the seats at Red Rocks, and more. Thank you, Robyn, for the inspiration, and for taking care of my bad knees”. Vicki

“I want to say that I am so thankful that you and Front Range came into my life. I have loved every minute of your energy and motivation. I really needed to challenge myself and I did over and over and over again! THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU for helping me change my life! I now understand REAL food and REAL nutrition..that is invaluable! I have completely transformed my eating habits and now have adopted life long healthy habits. Also I know the exact formula for losing weight… IT WAS SO SIMPLE ALL ALONG!!! Yet I spent years trying different diets fads where I was able to still eat processed food and sugar?!?  Thanks again Robyn for everything!” – Kim

“Since I joined Front Range Fitness for Women 2 years ago I am able to perform exercises that I wasn’t able to do without severe pain in my knees, hips and legs. My body was full of inflammation so severe that I was getting injection shots into my knee caps so I would be able to just walk and get around. I was taking antacids for my stomach problems, taking ibuprofen at night just to get my body to stop hurting so I could go to sleep. I have dedicated 2016 the year of “Finding My Strong”. I have registered for 3- 5k’s, 1 -10k, and a half marathon this year!!! Gerri

“I’ve been asked a few times recently what it is about FRFW that keeps me coming back. My husband clearly knew this was different from other things I’ve tried because over a year later, I’m still doing it and not looking for my next new activity. The answer for me is that there is someone there keeping me accountable for showing up and for doing the work. There is someone there with a smile at dark o’thirty in the morning who makes me feel that they are glad I’m there, and I’m surrounded by other like-minded women working hard to get the job done, laughing along the way. It is the best of both worlds: big gyms lead to too much anonymity and some small studio settings lead to people feeling they don’t quite fit in. At FRFW, we all fit in.” Karen

“Recently one of my students came up to me and said “Miss Sandy, I just love to hug you, you are warm, big and squishy just like my pillow. What was meant to be a great compliment from a 6 year old really hit me hard. I knew I had to do something. Robyn took the time to get to know us, and made us feel sooo welcome, even though I was out of shape, clumsy, and overweight. The other women in the class are also very encouraging. They welcome new members and encourage each other. Robyn even contacts you if you don’t show up!” Sandy


“I have been attending Front Range Fitness for Women since July 2010. Before that, I wasn’t much of a regular exerciser. I never ever thought of using the word “fun” and “exercise” in the same sentence. I knew the importance of regular exercise, but I never could stick with it. I found gyms to be VERY boring, and didn’t feel coordinated enough to do exercise classes.

After the first class though I knew this was something different. Not only are the exercises different, but the variety of workouts are awesome. And yes, It is Fun! Hard work, but Fun! The support you get from Robyn is amazing. Not only do I feel like I have a personal trainer, but a friend too. She really knows how to motivate you to keep you going, and knows when to push you to work harder. Physically I am MUCH stronger, I have a ton more energy, and am a happier person all around. My husband and I get along better, and he tells me how proud he is of me all the time!” Patty

“I started not being able to do a single sit-up but I kept trying until I got them. I can now do 50 sit-ups in a minute. My Kettle bell (KB) swings have gone from a 9lb KB to a 36lb. I could not run one full lap around the building without stopping now I can run a mile in 8:30. I am not a distance runner so this is a big mental deal for me…. I am a sprinter and jumper! It took me almost 6 months to get a single double under. My record on double unders is 33. Push-ups were pathetic worming types that barely reached 5 in a row on my knees –now I can do 20.

For me FRFW is more than just the workouts. It is about the people. At a regular gym you can go weeks without ever knowing a single person or seeing the same person twice. We see the same people every week and everyone is supportive. It is always fun to come to class to see how my friends are doing”. Sara

“Originally I joined with several friends hoping that they would keep me attending on a regular basis. I quickly learned that it didn’t matter if my friends were attending because everyone is so incredibly kind.

When I started, it was difficult for me to do almost everything. I started out only being able to do 3 pull-ups on the ladder at a time and I can now do up to 15 without quitting. I took a minute off of my mile between the first and second time I ran it. The other day I ran the 200 meter without stopping to walk part of the way. I can now jump rope without an extra step and can finally do a lunge without my knees bothering me. Every session I attend I accomplish something else I didn’t believe I could do.

I am so excited to continue with this program. I just feel like a new person. One of the things I really appreciate is how great all the women are. They help you believe in yourself and are so supportive. Most of all I want to thank you. You modify exercises to meet my needs and then push me forward when you know I can handle it. I just can’t thank you enough for what you have done to help me and I am looking forward to the future me!” Pam

“Although I am new to Robyn’s program, I have tried others, and like Robyn’s the best. Her workouts are different each time I have come and they are VERY CHALLENGING for a regular girl like me (50 year old teacher in fair shape carrying around 20 extra pounds!). Her camp is full of all shapes and sizes of women and it’s FUN! She is very personable and inspires me with positive and encouraging comments. She’s a beast and it makes me think I, too, can be a beast someday”. Trish



“I have never been this motivated about working out. Robyn you are truly a lifesaver. I may cuss, cry & say I can’t do this but you know better & your encouraging words have made me realize I can do this. Thank you for being such an awesome woman! Also all the women at Front Range Fitness for Women, you ROCK!”Kelly

“I am not sure how often people tell you this but THANK YOU! I say this for so many reasons.

1 – Thanks for making class so challenging. 2 – Thanks for making me want to come back. 3 – Thanks for the smiles and the laughter. 4 – Thanks for the breathing hard and sore muscles. 5 – Thanks for the body and mind changes. 6 – Thanks for the attitude adjustment. 7 – Thanks for the friendship”. Christie

“I think that Front Range Fitness for Women is different from others out there because it is personal, and has a family feel. Everyone encourages you to do your best, while receiving personal attention from Robyn. If you fall off the routine, Robyn will not let you go. She always keeps in contact and will do her best to get you back in the gym. I also love that every day is new and each workout can benefit all fitness levels. The thing that sets Front Range apart is that all of the workouts can benefit all fitness levels. A beginner can work out with the best of the best and still be successful!” Vanessa

“These are real women – moms, 9 to 5ers, business owners, athletes, couch potatoes, younger, older – all working together to achieve a personal goal. We do the same workouts, but at our own abilities (28 KB vs. 9 KB for example) with the best coach in the world “gently” reminding us that we can do more, move faster, lift heavier, be stronger. I’ve have never walked into the same workout twice, so the variety holds my interest and my muscles work harder and better from the “what’s this!” aspect. If I had to describe in one sentence to my friends: “There is a stronger person inside of me, and FRFW brings her out”. Amber

“Front Range Fitness for Women is a completely different way to work out. I love the camaraderie that I get from women of all ages. Each and everyday there is a new and exciting challenge to complete. I always leave with a feeling of accomplishment and that I just achieved the most challenging workout to date. Normal gyms are just a place to get some cardio in, lift some weights because you have to, and a check off on the do-to-list. FRFW is more than that, it makes me energized to come so that I can work on the strong woman that I am becoming more and more of each day. Robyn is the reason FRFW is successful. She always pushes us to our personal best and has our personal interest at heart. Once I feel like I “know what I’m doing”, Robyn pushes me to the next level with my intensity and comfort. That is exactly why I see a difference in my body, my self esteem, and overall happiness. A normal gym never did anything like this for me and that is why I go to Front Range Fitness for Women each week.” Mandi

“6 years, well 3 months shy, I’ve been coming to FRFW!! To me, its money well spent: it keeps me physically and mentally fit, and I’m part of a community that wants the same thing. The types of different workouts and the supportive environment are what keep me coming back.” Vic

“What sets FRFW apart? It’s the positive energy that comes from Robyn, and the “family” of women that get their rear ends kicked day after day. I’m so inspired and motivated by Robyn and the other members, especially the women in their 50’s and 60’s. The message that comes through during every workout is that we are STRONG women who should be proud of ourselves for working so hard. Robyn consistently reminds us of how we are improving the quality of our lives with every rep. I have done other workouts and another boot camp, but this, by far, is the most challenging workout and the most motivational environment. I keep coming back because I’m constantly intrigued by the crazy combinations of workouts that come from that mad scientist brain of hers, and the inspiring, REAL women that have committed themselves to being better. In just 5 weeks, I feel stronger than I’ve felt in 10 years, and I’m only getting better. I am getting back in touch with my inner tomboy. She was a force to be reckoned with, and I missed her. FRFW is, in one sentence, “The perfect combination of butt kicking, endorphins, and estrogen accompanied by a soundtrack of great laughter and true friendship.” Bethany

“Community – Building, Ass-kicking, Life – Changing” Kristen

“For me, honestly, FRFW has changed my life. You have a whole new group of friends, my body has changed completely, I am in better shape than I was ever in my whole life, and I really think if I didn’t go there every day I would really miss it”. Lynn